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Boston Artist YGRio Releases New Single/Visual “No Promises”

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Boston-based artist YGRio is starting to blow up and will not stop his rise anytime soon. The Youtube sensation releases his new single “No Promises which is a melodic, well-penned anthem about how YGRio can’t make just “any girl” a promise about where he might be–because who’s to say where he is going–is both soothing and a banger at the same time.

Using 808s and smooth vocals to lay the groundwork for the lyrical content, YGRio floats on this beat. it is the biggest single for YGRio and can be considered his coming out party to the mainstream.

With a style similar to Roddy Ricch, with influences from across the map, it is clear why the sound of YGRio is so appealing, as he uses all of the tools given to him to craft the perfect anthems. With Boston having a lull in their production of the mainstream, or even underground success-based rap talent, it is clear that the city is clamoring for someone to take that mantle and become the next star from the city–and YGRio can clearly be that guy.

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