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NipscoGang Foreign Returns With New Single “CAME FROM NOTHING”

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Notorious for his confident cadence and clever wordplay, NipscoGang Foreign is back with his latest single featuring Lou Gram, “CAME FROM NOTHING.” The track serves as a follow-up to his previous hits like “FREE THE REAL” and “BITI TRENDS.”

Whirring choirs and synth bass collide over stammering snares. Lou Gram sets up the track with a commendable verse, Foreign comes in to finish the job with aggression. Time and time again, the Indiana rapper shows off his ability to drop bars that make listeners double-take: “White prezi on, call it Joe Biden.” He bosses up on a variety of topics, ranging from his loyal women to, as he puts it, “battles of the bands.” When it comes to NipscoGang Foreign’s success thus far, it’s clear that some people are getting jealous.

Paving his way as a trendsetter, NipscoGang Foreign continues to break into the rap game at high velocity. He shows no signs of slowing down, and songs like this are what will bring him into superstardom. This guy should be on everyone’s radar.

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