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Shon Brown Takes You Inside His Mindset in New Intimate Single, “They Don’t Know Me”

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Burgeoning rap artist hailing from East Atlanta, Shon Brown, is back with a new spitfire single, “They Don’t Know Me”. This record showcases Shon’s crafty lyricism and storytelling ability over a Mondo produced beat. Shon has a melodic style to rapping, as his lyrics seem to flow effortlessly over any beat. The track runs through Shon’s temperament as a private person, and lets the fans and listeners take a listen to WHO Shon Brown truly is. “People always assume they know me because of what they see and hear, but it’s more to it, more to me. This song really displays that better than anything I could ever tell, a lot of people are going to be able to relate to it and feel me, but until then… they don’t know me,” Shon Brown states.

Watch the lyric video below:


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