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Hoodcelebrityy Is Back In Her Bag With New Freestyle, “Hype Me Up”

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Bronx Native, Jamaican Billboard charting artist Hoodcelebrityy releases her most recent freestyle, “Hype Me Up.” Hood effortlessly tapped into her old flow and reminded us of how and why she really does this. For those who are not familiar, Hoodcelebrityy became popular for her dope rhymes over Hip Hop and Reggae/Dancehall beats. Being one of the first artists to mix two different genres and flows effortlessly over classic beats. Her first mixtape, “Trap Vs Reggae” displayed how much of a multi-talented and diverse artist she truly is. She explained the inspiration behind it all: 

“I put out “Hype Me Up” because I wanted the world to know what I’m capable of as an artist who can also rap. I can’t even say my fans don’t know because they’re the ones that know this is how I started. I wanted the world to see how versatile and talented I am. I also want people to understand that they can’t put me in a BOX, like I really does this sh*t and they better know I’m back in my bag Inna real life!!!! They gone get the Jamaican girl that grew up in the Bronx and was raised on Reggae/Dancehall and Hip-Hop music, this is Hood we gone give them back some flavor of “Trap Vs Reggae.” 

In the freestyle, Hood is flexing on the beat! She reminds us why she is a force to be reckoned with. She talks about why she had to get back in her bag because she has been quiet for a while but now it is time to showcase all her talents to the world. You can hear and feel her confident swag throughout the freestyle and see that Hoodcelebrityy is back on her bully! 


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