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Upcoming Artist SVDANGER has been making waves in Las Vegas

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‘Criminal’ captures SVDANGER’s motivation to grind harder till he’s exactly where he wants to be in life. Smooth bars about getting money, wooing fine women, and living a life of luxury drive SVDANGER’s unique vocals forward. The visual showcases scenes of the rapper flexing nice cars, diamond jewelry, around bright city lights and roads. 

SVDANGER has always done a good job of painting a solid picture for his supporters. Less than 2 years since the debut of his sound, the artist has been focusing on relating to his fastest growing audience. The artist takes pride in being able to relate to his listeners. “Knowing that my music inspires people and it helps people get them through their dark times is nothing short of remarkable,” explains SVDANGER “I feel honored to have that type of effect on my fans and even people who are just hearing me for the first time.”

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