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Nothing Can Stop Christian Artist Kevin Fontenot

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Kevin Fontenot is an up-and-coming Christian artist and singer/songwriter from Louisiana. Kevin has been singing and making music his entire life but decided to release his debut single “Devil Can’t Hold Me Down” this year.

This beautiful creation incorporates a live Jazz feel that gives the record a timeless sound. You sure get a great tune when you add a live component and fun feel with a Gospel Choir on the background vocals.

Accompanied by Grammy award-winning gospel artist and producer Paul Porter, this new release is a passionate declaration of victory. Fontenot wants to bring people together with his music and share his passion for the Lord through this process.

Kevin Fontenot plans to leave his mark on the Gospel music industry with this new release and more to follow. He hopes his music encourages everyone who listens to the positive and uplifting message.

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