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Michelle Ayers’ “FAST STEPPIN” Tops The Kemet Charts Ahead of Kanye West’s and Cardi B’s Hot Sh#t

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The iconic songstress has done it yet again! She is at the top of yet another major music chart. Both the “Gospel” and “House” genres have elements that comprise the lovely genre which has come to be known as the “soulful house” genre. At the summit of this genre is one Michelle Ayers! Michelle recently got a #2 chart spot on the coveted Kemet charts (UK). She received this accolade for her big hit single, “FAST STEPPIN”. The biggest significance behind the accolade is that it makes Michelle one of the few “soulful house” music artists to ever top the Kemet charts. She has managed to secure worldwide recognition among names such as Beyonce, 21 Savage, Tyga, Burna Boy, Kanye West, Cardi B and Lil Durk, all of whom are also in the top 5 of the Kemet charts. At some point, only “RUN” by 21 Savage and Tyga placed higher than Michelle’s “FAST STEPPIN”. On the weekly charts, Michelle came in 9th behind Beyonce’s “BREAK MY SOUL”. The momentum behind Michelle’s latest track is simply terrific. The story behind why she actually decided to make “FAST STEPPIN” is actually quite fascinating.

Michelle took a much needed and deserved break from music for several years starting in 2006. During this period, she decided to enhance the aspects of motivation and euphoria associated with her music. The songstress began to revitalize herself and to revamp her music. She had a new focus and passion to inspire people to be joyful and jovial when listening to her music. Her audience really took to her new approach. This culminated in Michelle dropping hit after hit. One of those hits was the fabled ” FAST STEPPIN”. Initially, she had been sent a track she didn’t quite like. She told her producer, Ace Mungin, that he needed to send her something else. Ace had to improvise and send something last minute. Little did he know at the time that the replacement track he sent was a major hit in the making. Once Michelle listened to the track, she just wanted to “step” hence the name “FAST STEPPIN”. She wanted to dance and she wanted her fans to dance as well!

Michelle’s uptempo soon-to-be-classic has formidable credits, with producers Derrick Ricky Nelson and Ace Mungin of Acebeat Music. The original mix and master is by Shawn “Morpheus” Waters. The “wood floor” Underground/House mix was by Derrick Ricky Nelson and Ace Mungin. Michelle went on to say, “I wanted to just have some fun. After all we’ve been through as a nation, as a continent and as humans, we need to dance. I was thinking about roller skating and it just made me happy. I am going to be doing some ballads and some other things, but I want to do some happy music so that the music can do for the world what it has done for me!  I want the world to get up and move.” Michelle is also hosting her own show known as “New Artists Meet The Pro’s”. The show format enables young artists to sit at the feet of producers, recording artists and other industry professionals to ensure that they understand the inner workings of the music business.

Living in Grovetown, GA, some 2 hours outside of Atlanta, Michelle now has access to the industry when she wants to work with producers while being able to have enough distance from the busy life as and when she needs to. Best of both worlds. Michelle passionately wants to bring all the joy and light that she feels in her heart like she felt when Dionne Warwick first visited her 2nd grade school in East Orange, which now bears her name, and made her feel like she could do anything. “I am coming back to the music because the music came back up in me.  ‘FAST STEPPIN’’ is just the beginning.  This next go ‘round, we’re gonna dance the night away and then let the music play!”

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