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DRE-SKI Reveals His Release Date For Upcoming Album “For What It’s Worth”

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September 2nd! That is an important date to keep in mind, which is the release date of DRE-SKI’s new album “For What It’s Worth!”

When putting a project together DRE-SKI puts a lot of thought, time and effort into planning a strategic roll out. Music has always been a passion for rising artist DRE-SKI who has received a lot of well-deserved recognition after years and years of hard work and dedication. From being placed on the Billboard Hip-hop list this past February to being mentioned in articles by media giants Forbes and iHeartRadio, it is easy to see that DRE-SKI is certainly making a name for himself and becoming a star right in front of our eyes.

You may be wondering, wouldn’t all this work be overwhelming? For most people
maybe, but DRE-SKI does a fantastic job of managing his time. He always stays grounded and only focuses on one project at a time to ensure he does not get overwhelmed. Due to his past accomplishments it’s easy to see why he is setting the bar so high for himself, he has already accomplished so much but there is still more for him to conquer.

In five years, time, DRE-SKI plans on becoming a multi-millionaire as well as signing two or three more artists to his record label and investing in their careers. If he were to give one piece of advice to his fans or anyone following in his footsteps it would be to stay focused, don’t let others distract you from your dreams and aspirations.

Dre-Ski is definitely in the works of becoming a household name. Keep an eye out for his upcoming release “For What It’s Worth” dropping on September 2nd and follow him on social media @thereal_dreski.

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