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Legendary Musician B Hype TheVerbal Drops New Album

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B Hype TheVerbal is now almost interchangeable with “soulful songs” and “mysterious melodies”. As a decorated singer and songwriter, he has mastered the art of storytelling through his music. His most recent album “Remember The Name,” is another soulful masterpiece, and it is widely considered to be one of the greatest projects he has released to this point in his career.

B Hype TheVerbal has been the rapper Twista’s hype man since Chicago Living Legends inked their first contract in 1991. However, prior to being a hype man, B Hype was Twista’s closest buddy since he was 14 years old. B Hype and Twista grew up watching the movie Crush Groove together. Then they travelled abroad to perform for the soldiers in Iraq and other camps.

B Hype TheVerbal is an outstanding musician whose music is soulful and lively! Music helps him feel alive, and he cannot sense music that is not intended for him. The meaning of B Hype TheVerbal’s name is based on what he feels or has felt and the experiences he has had. Being a Chicago living legend, he enjoys it when people approach him for a photo or signature.

Biggie’s vocabulary and LL Cool J’s passion were sources of inspiration for B Hype. In addition to music, B Hype TheVerbal also creates custom countertops and full rehabs.

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