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HunnitBands Gets Ready To Release ‘Exotic Strangers’

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You ever stop and wonder how musical artists have some of the nicest looking diamonds

and chains as if they were required to make bangers? Jewelers recognize the advertising they get whenever they ice out the next big talent. In the business of music, it’s important to look the part especially if you sound the part—it shows that you’re a go-getter. HunnitBands is the next budding example of a “go-getter” as it pertains to his roles beyond his own music.

There’s a lot more to know about the man that is Mo Mahir, or HunnitBands as the music world knows him. Half of his identity in the world of music belongs to his own creations and flows, but his impact travels beyond his voice into a microphone. Hunnits is the CEO of Bagdad the Label, his music label that he intends to sign more talent to in the future. Additionally, HunnitBands is the owner of Water Brothers, a luxury diamond and gold custom jeweler. Hunnits also cites himself as a cannabis connoisseur, rounding out the holy trinity of hip-hop; tracks, diamonds, and inhalable vitamins. Mahir has made a life for himself by pursuing his passions and using one hand to wash the other, tying his jewelry network with his musical network.

For more information and content from the man HunnitBands himself follow him on Instagram, and Bagdad The Label’s Youtube page. Also prepare for the debut of his upcoming album, Exotic Strangers, by listening to his already released projects on Spotify.

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