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How Music Manager Jerry Becerra Connects Rising Artists to Big Opportunities

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The music industry is one of the toughest fields to break into. There are different roadblocks, from brutal competition to high production and promotion costs, and unless you have the right resources and people by your side, it is hard to establish your spot. This has seen so many incredible talents end up undiscovered, which inspired Jerry Becerra to help provide opportunities to artists that otherwise don’t have the resources to succeed. 

His solid network and vast skills in the entrepreneurial space, more specifically the music world, have enabled him to reach this goal and help young artists. Becerra grew up listening to New York hip-hop, which directly shaped his taste in music and inspired him to add to the music industry himself. Now, Becerra is partnered with producers and engineers who worked with artists he grew up admiring. Together, they are helping change the music industry by connecting rising artists to big opportunities.

According to Becerra, his goal is to make it easier for all rising talents to build a sustainable career in the industry. He and his team are leveraging their resources to help artist launch their careers and create something that has never been done in the music industry before.

“The market is flooded with people who can sing, and making an impression in the space isn’t easy. It takes more than just talent, vocals, a good beat, and technology. It requires a business mindset. Marketing is key, and it always will be. Achieving this can be difficult, especially when you’re not financially stable. As the industry grows and new technologies emerge, the recording and production costs are on the rise, forcing many artists to give up halfway through,” Becerra says.

Like any other field, building a successful career in the music industry can be challenging. But it is doable. Besides being a music manager, Becerra is a business owner. He is the founder and CEO of two companies, and Becerra is also an author. He recently signed a book deal with Greenleaf Book Group, set to release early 2023.

To keep up with Becerra’s latest projects, you can follow him at the links below:

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