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Nicolas Nuvan Is Crowdsourcing Curation Outside

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For those in tune with the ever-changing atmosphere of the music industry, it’s been known for a while that TikTok is playing a major role in the consumption of music nowadays. If you zoom in on the peculiar platform’s music setting, you’d quickly come across the platform’s top music curators.

Nicolas Nuvan is one of these renowned curators who has grown to become a top-level force. When it comes to creating engaging content and breaking records, it’s become somewhat of a habit for this New Yorker. He started off making food content, and before long switched his approach up to something that made an awful lot of sense: asking strangers what song they’re listening to.

Instantly after posting his first video, it was a clear victory. The video had gone viral, and his new strategy had been cemented. In the past 11 months, Nicolas Nuvan has grown his audience to the millions, and has evolved far past this initial concept. He still maintains the elements of random people on the street and asking about their music preferences, but it’s become much more open-ended over time.

Thanks to the brilliant tactics he enlisted to grow in such a rapid fashion, Nicolas soon found himself on tour, going around the country asking people in every major city about the music they appreciate the most. On one of his tour stops, he asked a woman a relatively routine question about her favorite song, and he got far from a routine answer. This somewhat elderly lady replied “’Butterfly Effect’ by Travis Scott,” which clearly caught him off guard. He poked around asking a few more questions which were met with super basic answers. Before long the truth about this interview would emerge from a comment on social media: the mystery fan who loves the song “Butterfly Effect” is none other than Wanda Webster, Travis Scott’s own mother.

This realization came weeks after the video was made, shocking Nicolas and his loyal audience. After the fact, he made it clear he’s happy it went down that way, saying that he’s “happy [they] were able to have such a normal interaction” about her son’s music. This is exactly the type of genuine human connection that Nicolas’ fans have subscribed for, along with a familiarity with what the world is listening to, live in action.

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