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How Ashley Francois Went From Hoop Dreams To Becoming A Full Time Musician

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Getting into the music industry isn’t easy for anyone, but this goal was something Ashley Francois always held a firm determination to accomplish. As such, after dropping out of college, he made it his mission to make a break into the music field and find a way to bring his songs and unique style to the world.
Early on, however, gaining interest in his work was something that proved monumentally challenging. Indeed, no matter how much Ashley Francois traveled, he found it almost impossible to find people willing to give his music a chance. It was a heartbreaking realization, but at this moment, he knew he’d have to go it alone rather than partner up with talented local artists instead.
It was this knowledge that would inspire him to begin contacting local mixing engineers, who supported his early goals to master his own music. It wasn’t long after this that Ashley Francois’s brothers, King Chad and Young Knight, also took their first tentative steps into the music industry.
With the support of local mixing engineers behind him (and inspiration from countless great YouTube artists to develop his sound), Ashley Francois began to perform his original songs at local live venues around Sarasota, Florida. Open Mic events were particularly great opportunities to spread his name in the local area; meanwhile, this allowed him to also connect with other local DJs who could begin spreading his music further. His professional career in music commenced with his single Manic, which was released in 2019. His debut album, Don’t Feel Entitled, achieved number 2 on independent music awards in 2021, propelling his career in the industry to new heights and wider appeal.
Now, he is finally looking to release his very first R&B album and potentially even several music videos to accompany these. Hopefully, this will inspire his career further and give his music new opportunities to grow as a result.

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