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Female Rapper Erinem New Single “Iconic!”

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Erinem is a force with the pen; her ability to craft intricate and complex rhyme schemes interlaced with wordplay and punchlines sets her apart from every other rapper in the game. As if that weren’t enough, Erinem pushes the boundaries of her skillset even farther in her latest single, adding World Record speed to her growing list of accolades. Midway through the third verse of “Iconic!” Erinem launches into a super sonic speed verse, rapping at an incredible 11.2 syllables per second for 30 seconds straight. Not only has she blown away her competition in terms of female fast-rappers, she’s beaten the best records of the male fast- rappers, too. Clocking in at an average of 7.54 words a second, Erinem shows how truly skilled she is as a technical rapper, as well.

“Iconic!” is a showcase track that Erinem spent five months creating (the same amount of time it took to make her last EP ‘Y.B.A.L.A.’). Immediately after pressing play listeners will be captured by the vibe of this track. It’s dark, yet lively. Playful, yet a little intimidating. It’s exciting from the beginning right down to the last phrase at the end of the song, which hangs dramatically into the silence. At 166 bpm, the track is an upbeat romp that makes even the listener feel like they are becoming iconic. With the last 30 seconds of “Iconic!” beating several Guinness World Records for speed, duration, and syllables per second, it also impressively beats the current record-holder’s time for “Fastest Rap Verse in a Hit Song”. If “Iconic!” is a chart-topper, Erinem will take that record, too. Erinem says she’s just in it for the opportunity to challenge herself against the greats, performing at their greatest.

Fun Fact
In the last 30 seconds of Erinem’s “Iconic!”, she raps an incredible 340 syllables (225 words) over 21 bars. She raps an average of

11.20 syllables per second, with a word average of 7.54 words per second, for 30.36 seconds straight, beating several world records.

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