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Big Groove : A Viral Sensation

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Big Groove is trending on social media all over with his viral dances. The bodybuilder, foodie, influencer, and now music artist has gravitated to his fans with everything he does. His pure intentions with the genuine love for dance, food and exercising captures the attention of many fans around the world. His latest social media video shot a Kuzzos chicken waffles in Detroit, MI feat. The Popular song by Usher Raymond “U Got It Bad ” has become a fan favorite in the last few days.

The video recently released to market his new show and shark Bites tour has taken high viral numbers.  The energetic video has topped social media most watched videos.  Social media influencer Big Groove is a viral sensation that has created memorable moments with his creative content.

 Clive Ibizugbe otherwise known as Big Groove, born in Germany and raised in Boston by a single parent mom and his two brothers. Clive growing up as the middle child always loved attention and always been very hyperactive as a kid. Dancing, staying active and food has always been the way to his heart. Clive dancing videos have started to go viral across the globe. Clive has been reposted by celebrities such as Mario Lopez, B, Scott, Shaq and Snoop Dogg, as well by outlets like Complex, B.E.T., world star, Hollywood Unlocked, baller alert and more.

His likeness was used for a promo by the cast of 50 cent’s hit show “Power”on star network. Big Groove videos have reached from 2.2 million to 30 million views total.

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