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The path of the artist Hassan Composer towards success

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World music has the ability to connect people everywhere like no other art form can.

Music has always been an important and profound part of the life of rising innovative artist Hassan Composer. The artist grew up in Morocco, his native country, where he studied music, a passion that is now transmitted to him.

However, what started as a passion for Hassan Composer has now turned into something big and much more. The burgeoning world music artist based in France later began making music recording at studios in Paris and Le Mans. In 2012, who began to take his profession more seriously after having matured musically and poetically.

While Hassan Composer has worked hard on his melodies, his biggest goal is to reach people around the world. “”My heart of the poet and artist is often immersed in the marvelous

Which pushes me to the description of warm acts..”, explained Hassan Composer.

Years later, the artist is about to release several singles like “In Your Eyes, Mirror Of My Soul, Door of My Heart, and lately the Single “LOVE YOU”

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