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UK Drill Pioneer HEADIE ONE Releases “Can’t Be Us” Song + Video

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Headie One has returned with a brand new single and video, “Can’t Be Us.” Headie One and DON Prod co-directed the visual. Prior to this release, HEADIE connected with a stream of international artists spawning from Europe to West Africa before reconnecting with Abra Cadabra and Bandokay. All three artist are from Northern London Headie busts through the intro spitting about the industry:

I’m feelin’ like EST, cah everyone shine together (Turn, turn) ‘course the 9 can’t flick like we/ Big lip look like he don’t have a tenner, I won’t lie to the industry, somebody don’t love their members/ Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you been in the trenches, p**sy/ Who’s your opps? Can’t be us (No), pree the block, must be bruck (No), pree the board, must be mud, They get it online, not back in blood (Turn), can’t be hate, must be love (Turn, turn), can’t be beef, must be brunch (Turn)/ You’re involved? Can’t be much (Turn, turn), where you from? Must be cunch, SJ got half the 9 on a shank”

Check out the visual for “Can’t Be Us” below and be sure to add the song to your playlists.

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