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Overcoming Adversity, Artist Kingg Splashh Shines

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Get to know Quadree Rollins, aka Kingg Splashh. Originally from Newark, New Jersey, now living in Connecticut, he is making some noise around the country. Growing up with his mother and two siblings, he assumed the role of a father figure from an early age. Upon his father’s return to his life after some legal trouble, when he was 13, he moved to Connecticut with his dad’s side of the family. In 2017, he fought some legal trouble himself, but after gaining freedom, he knew in 2018 he would take music more seriously than ever before.


A new song has been released every week by Kingg Splashh since 2018. As his releases became more consistent, his melodic flow along with his true authentic verses gained traction. Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, and Gherbo were some of the artists he idolized as a child. A lot of his success can be attributed to his Uncle Ralo and his cousin Alleyboi Taj who were always around and had a passion for music themselves.


It is Kingg Splashh’s goal to inspire everyone with his music. When they hear his music, he hopes they find the motivation to do anything they set their minds to. As a result of his constant work ethic, Kingg Splashh was able to open for his favorite artist Gherbo.


Also, Kingg Splashh just released his EP “Love is Mandatory” on July 25th. Among the six tracks, the first two are a nice rhythm for women. His third track will be enjoyable to everyone, while his last three tracks reflect the battles he has faced on the streets. He is working on some visuals for the tracks and also has about 5 albums that he has released on all platforms that you can check out here. Be sure to follow and support Kingg Splashh on Instagram too.

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