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Rising Music Artist King Yaz Talks About The Story Behind His Music

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Every great song has a story to tell. Whether the song was inspired by personal experiences, a tale from the past, or current events, something drives the artist to write down their music. This is also part of what helps us connect with our favorite artists and love the track. King Yaz takes us behind the lyrics of his music.

King Yaz is a fast-rising rapper who has quickly cemented his spot in the music industry. He has written and released several songs, including “Porque” and “No Lo Niegues”, which have been well received. 

“Porque” has thousands of views and is one of the songs that helped King Yaz break into the industry, with top names in the scene praising the song. King Yaz has had the opportunity to share a stage and interact with some of the notable names in the music industry. He has performed alongside Stormzy, Dababy, and Dave, to name a few.

But what makes King more outstanding is his powerful story which he shares through music. According to King Yaz, his main goal is to create something that will positively impact someone’s life and push the listener to keep fighting. 

King Yaz has struggled with mental health for quite some time. His parents died when he was still young, and he had to join the system.

The death of his parents threw King Yaz off, and it was challenging because he had to switch between different families until he reached legal age. It was even more difficult for King Yaz to share his frustrations with others, considering that vulnerability is often equated with weakness.

This is what drove King Yaz to start writing music. At the time, it was more of a spoken word, and King Yaz wrote his mind in a book but never shared it with anyone. He continued this for a few months until he met someone to guide him. 

King Yaz was in a freestyle rap battle with his friends from the hood when one recorded and posted the session online, and big record labels started reaching out to King. Since then, King Yaz has been using his talent to share his story with others as he creates a safe space for people struggling with mental health.

It can be tough to deal with mental health problems, especially when you don’t have someone to walk this journey with you, says King Yaz. Having experienced the loneliness that accompanies mental health issues, he is now using his music to help and encourage others.

Most of his music is about mental health and friendship. King Yaz is also using his music to bring to light matters affecting society and helping other young artists find their way.

The global music scene is extremely competitive, and it can be hard to establish your spot without the right resources. But you shouldn’t give up. Through sharing his story, King hopes to inspire other young talents as he shows his audience that no dream is too far from reach. It is also okay to be not okay, and you can ask for help. You shouldn’t let society shut you down.

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