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Mainey is bringing back the old school style:

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Across generations and origins, music is a means of not only keeping entertained but also a way to express yourself. On this note, we introduce a rising musical talent by the name of Mainey. Mainey hails from Oklahoma City in the United States of America and was inclined towards the arts from very early on in life. Mainey’s style of music is greatly influenced by the golden era of the 90s and features a lot of symbolism of the time.

In this journey to the top, Mainey considers his biggest motivation to be his belief in himself. According to Mainey, he had always known that a musician’s spirit was trapped inside his body, which was just waiting to come out. He considered becoming a part of the global music industry, in one way or another, a part of his destiny which is why he was always assured about it. Whether there be hurdles along the way and the goal looks as far away as it could possibly get, Mainey has always been ready to accept such setbacks and resume the path he was on.

Today, Mainey is working hard to prove his worth as a musician to those who were already in the industry and find it to be oversaturated. To make an impression in such a competitive environment is a challenge in itself. However, we can safely say that Mainey has definitely given it his best, as many of his songs have been praised by critics to be worthy of hitting the global charts due to their quality of composition and clever lyricism reminiscent of the old school swag. Another aspect of Mainey’s music that makes it irresistible is his control over his voice. At the end of the day, a musician’s greatest asset is his voice, and Mainey has made sure to take care of it so he can use it as a form of expressing his deepest emotions to those who listen.

At present, Mainey is stated to be working on several future projects at the same time, such as the Street EP Vol.2 “Urban Terrorist” and “To The Streets”. The above albums are designed to be continuations of some of his best work to date, but this time Mainey is looking to not only recreate that level of success but go above and beyond that with his own unique sound and style. In particular, it is “To The Streets” that baby advices his fans to look out for, since it won’t only be a mark of his musical prowess but will also add a bit of lore to Mainey’s tale.

So, what are you waiting for? Mainey is at the edge of turning his fate around, especially with the songs he is planning to release in the future. If you want to support Mainey and check out his music, get in touch with him over social media on the links provided below:




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