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Queen of Club & Culture MS. MOLO: “HerSOURCE is Her Strength,” Says PR Maven Chadd Black

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Molo is no stranger to the Limelight, as she’s been a Front Runner in Lifestyle, Promotions, and The Entertainment Culture for quite a while now. It’s the Legacy for us, as many feel called, yet very few chosen. She currently serves as The CEO of multiple entities, Most Notably “Kiss Houston | Dallas Locations.
Molo, without a doubt, has been chosen by the culture itself to Lead Thoughts; inspire Women to come alive in a world that doesn’t always see them as equals to their male peers, Especially in The Lifestyle | Entertainment Industry, and lastly, to curate a safe place she affectionately calls KISS Houston | Dallas for her supporters to create memories, celebrate their monumental moments and enjoy the best in Food + Beverages.
In 2018 Rolling Loud Asked Molo:
What were some hardships you experienced before your big break?
Molo Transparently Responded With:
For starters, my mom died when I was 12 years old. I was living in L.A., and I was in an abusive relationship a few years ago. When we got kicked out of our apartment, I didn’t have a support system to lean on, so I ended up homeless, sleeping in a U-Haul truck while trying to figure out my next step. From there, I moved to Houston.
When I moved to Houston, I got into another abusive relationship. At the time, I was a door-girl, making $100 daily. Due to my relationship, I got in trouble with the law, so I had to give my money to a lawyer to stay out of jail. When I left him, I told myself I was never going broke or getting into another situation like that again. From there, I saved my money for the next five years. When I got to my first $40K, I opened my first store, Eradik Boutique.
A Few Years later, Fast Forwarding to 2022,
Molo has made a rock-solid name for herself as “The Undisputed Queen of Anything she puts her mind to, She can do!” in the Great City of Houston, Texas, and abroad with her International Appeal.
It’s safe to say Houston has embraced The Kiss Mogul with open arms open the years as The Successful Serial Entrepreneur Cherie Molo is only in competition with herself as she continues to provide The Club | Entertainment Industry in Houston, Texas, with Top Tier Celebrity Appearances, Venues, and Experiences they’ll never forget!
Ms. Molo has her eyes set on continuing her reign with new projects in development, more celebrity appearances, and, of course, Expanding The “KISS” Brand, as the sky is the only limit.

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