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Rising Actress “Asia Mion” is Making Major Moves in the Entertainment Industry!

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Asia Mion, actress, host, and techpreneur from Jackson, MS, is a charismatic force to be reckoned with as she continues to navigate her path on the entertainment scene. She is currently featured in 9 independent films–alongside 9 well-respected and highly revered leads–where she has continued to capitalize on opportunity, learn from industry greats, and establish strong connections. When asked about her aspirations, she eloquently and astutely stated, “[I will] make my mark in the television and film industry, with bigger projects and even bigger names!”

Asia Mion is also the founder and inventor of Skinny Promax, a beauty device that uses LED-light and radiofrequency technology to melt fat between the skin. This handheld device transforms mundane beauty care routines into an in-home spa experience to reduce cellulite and support. It’s available for retail in several stores throughout the US and is in queue for international distribution. For more information follow @skinnipromax on IG or go to

Charismatic, articulate, and poised, this wonder woman is ready to foster strong connections and capitalize on opportunities that will catapult her goals. For airing/streaming dates, event appearances, or more information, follow @iamasiamion on IG.

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