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Seek and you shall find! Cohlman is a HIDDEN GEM

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As any rap fan knows, the underground rap scene is full of hidden gems – and Cohlman is one of them. Hailing from North Carolina but soon to be moving to Los Angeles, CA, Cohlman has been making a name for himself with his catchy beats and lyrics. His new single, “Drip Drip”, is a perfect example of his talent, with its catchy hook and intense energy. What sets Cohlman apart from other rappers is his uniquely energetic perspective – At the same time, he knows how to have fun – his tracks are infectious, and it’s impossible not to smile when you’re listening to him. In a world of cookie-cutter rappers, Cohlman is a breath of fresh air – and he’s an artist to keep an eye on.

In a world where rap is often pigeonholed as party music or expletive-laden anthems, Cohlman is a fresh voice for the genre. His lyrics are at times thoughtful and introspective, at other times just insanely fun, exploring himself and the issues that underpin society. But Cohlman is more than just a rapper; he’s also a talented producer and visual artist. His music videos are stylish and visually exciting, and his live shows are high-energy spectacles that always leave the crowd wanting more. In short, Cohlman is a true Renaissance man of hip hop, and he’s quickly becoming one of the most exciting artists in the game. Cohlman’s latest album, “Drip Drip,” is a masterful blend of hard-hitting beats and insightful lyrics. Cohlman isn’t afraid to take on controversial subjects in his music. But rather than simply act as a mouthpiece for social issues, he skillfully weaves these themes into catchy hooks and memorable melodies, making his music both accessible and impossible to ignore.

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