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James Luctamar Delights With His Piano Covers

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James is influenced by the viral group Pentatonix and YouTube sensation The Piano Guys, James took it upon himself to take a stab at the action and get in on the mash-up game himself. From Westchester, New York he’s the sole producer of all his covers and has been working hard on his musical career for more than fourteen years now.

Hearing the different renditions of hip-hop, reggae and even Dancehall music all transformed into a lovely melody on the piano is something that James excels in.

His hopes for the future is for more recognition, having his own moment in the spotlight and he teases us with an R&B and reggae medley soon to be released on all streaming services and platforms.The musical stylings of James Luctamar are second to none. Absorbing the sounds of pop culture and transcribing them to classical piano pieces is a trend some have seen on the likes of YouTube or Twitter but James here is the real deal.

Check out more from James Luctamar and his covers in the links down below.



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