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QUEES Drops New Project, “They All Have Wolves In Them” 

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“They All Have Wolves In Them” is the latest project from QUEES and also the third installment to a trilogy he’s been working on from his first project “Demon”. The project is eighteen minutes long coming in at six tracks total.

Coming from Albuquerque, New Mexico and shortly moving to Texas at the age of eighteen QUEES has been influenced by many in his musical journey. From a child listening to his father’s guitar or his grandmother’s records his world has always revolved around music.

Having produced the album himself while occasionally collaborating with good friend Dexter Yu, he crafted this album by hand with some help from David Hale who produced a lot of instrumentation for the final track “He Was Gone By December”.

His collective Ord!nary Ones is another personal project he delves into with an upcoming single as a group titled “Sink!” set to debut soon on July 13th.

In regards to the future, QUEES is currently working with Tommy Richman on a new track yet to be unveiled, and with the groups first single on the road to being released his future is looking bright.

Check out QUEES and his latest EP “They All Have Wolves In Them” available now on streaming platforms everywhere and in the links down below.


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