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Multi-Talented Artist Timmy Turn Up – A Creative Genius To Look Out For

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For someone so talented, Larenz Roberts-Kelly, stage name – Timmy Turn Up, creativity comes naturally to him. From creating his brand of music to coming in with top collaborators, he is a complete package. As a Kid, Larenz moved around a lot, but he connects closely to Pittsburgh as his hometown.

His parents always encouraged and played Rnb and rap music around Larenz from a young age. They also got him a violin and took him for lessons, which helped Larenz to learn how to structure songs and create music. Larenz always believed in being productive and creating something, for which he thought of trading schools. One of his friends Ghetto E became a rapper and got a video with a local musical production that pushed Larenz to create his music.

He started looking around for inspiration and getting to know new people at school, the first room he moved into was not what Larenz was looking for, and his room changed again, where he met Justin and Dave. Justin was a great guy with these big marketing plans for rap music. That time around Christmas, Larenz got arrested, ending his school career, and Justin passed away. This incident pushed him to become serious about his music and inspired him to become a rapper.

Apart from creating rap music, Larenz live-streams games on Twitch and have a comic book starring JStreet and Larenz as the main characters. His song Broke Boy caught the attention of the fans, and he looks forward to creating more rap music. Larenz’s music leans into the hip-hop genre while being a versatile musician. His songs reflect his life, his feelings, his experiences, his fears, and the hopes he carries for the future. He wants people to connect with his music and learn from his experiences.

Only creating rap music was not enough, and Larenz wanted more channels of expression. So, he started Addictive Accidents from his kitchen with JStreet. After going to Atlanta and some of their songs getting recognized on Saycheesetv and Broke Boy winning on No Jumper, they started recording their songs at ID labs.

Larenz finds 3 to 4 beats in a day and writes according to them, switching between one and another so that he does not get bored. It is how his creative process works. Larenz has just dropped a killer act 7 track Ep Called The New World Order with a unique sound and style with features from 4141. Spazz, The Architek, and Turrel Prhyme. Larenz is working on bringing out comics with characters based on him and real people of all races that people can relate to. Larenz is also planning for a tour in 2023

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