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R&B Artiste Roy Simmons Opens Up on Life as a “Girl Dad”

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The Trinidadian recording artist and father of 1-year-old Xaryah with his wife Brinnelle4M (blogger and influencer) is loving fatherhood and said that it has changed his life forever.

When asked about his experience as a father, the “Some More” singer said to Thisis50, “one moment of joy with her can make me forget one hundred moments of pain. Trust me, there are a lot of challenges, but every heart-warming memory will always outweigh moments of frustration/stress.”

Roy also touched on the effects of the recent transition on his creativity and career. “I’m going harder than ever before. At the beginning of my career, I loved creating music because it was fun, but now I’m treating it as a business. I’m putting everything in place to secure her future,” said the performer.

When asked about the challenges faced as a father, the “Come Thru” singer said his biggest obstacle is adapting to unpredictable demands that require all of his time and energy. “A lot has changed because I no longer have the freedom to make music whenever I want. It’s a bit challenging since I sometimes have to take over when my wife doesn’t have the energy to go on. However, I won’t change this for anything in the world. I feel like this experience is molding me into the man I’m supposed to be and it is definitely making me a stronger human being,” explained the artiste.

Roy also described what it feels like to be a girl-dad. He said, “She gives me purpose. I’m now responsible for this little person’s life and I have to do everything I can to protect her.  Hearing her tiny voice, laugh, or her saying “daddy/dada” fills my heart with joy every single time. These are the moments where I feel like I’m doing everything right. Since I did not grow up with my siblings, there’s this urge to give her as much of my time as possible because I don’t ever want her to feel lonely like I did.”

Roy Simmons’ debut EP “Pardon Me” and his single “This Love” featuring Jay Tha Illest is available on all platforms. He is currently getting tons of radio airplay and enjoying his musical success and fatherhood simultaneously.

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