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Can Juceno Be The Next Fashion Mogul To Make A Impact In The Industry?

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Julius “Juceno” Williams is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, coach, influencer, and military veteran. He is the founder of Boogie Luxury, Boogie Apparel, The grind with a 9-5’ podcast.

Juceno currently lives and has established his headquarters in Seattle, WA. In the next five years he envisioned himself as a successful influencer and fashion designer who will have his merchandise in malls internationally. Additionally, he is working to establish himself as a coach through his podcast to help up & coming business owners.

What brought him to this career path is he has always been creative and never chose to follow the crowd. He pursued being a fashion designer in order to influence the world through fashion and give others a choice to stand out amongst the crowd.  He chose to start a podcast. The “grind with a 9-5 podcast” in order to be the hub for anyone looking into being an entrepreneur. Juceno will explain his journey and bring guest to share their experience. You can expect to laugh and learn in your pursuit for entrepreneurship.

What makes him different is his ability to network in any situation he is in. He loves to help people and his friendly vibe makes people comfortable to talk to him.  He is interested in helping people because he feels that there is room for everyone to win.

His advice to the colleagues in his industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out” would be to build a team you can trust. A lot of people try to do it alone however, that doesn’t allow you to be great at what you were made to do. You just end up being ok at a bunch of things but great at nothing. A team will allow you to reach your full potential.

His next big move is to start his own PR Company to allow exposure to up & coming businesses who can’t pay thousands of dollars for a PR Company.

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