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King Keon Disrupts The Music Space

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King Keon Williams is a rap artist from Jersey City, New Jersey. He was raised in the landscape of Jersey City, NJ. His upbringing required tremendous wit, discipline, and hustle; since his childhood was somehow an unconventional coming-of-age story.

King Keon is a self-made musician who has risen throug the ranks, overcoming every challenge. He grew up in a harsh environment characterized by drug warfare, gang violence, and financial troubles. In an interview he once said “growing up where I’m from forces you to grow up fast, it’s more common to come across people who are living in more of a survival mode , than living to enjoy life.”

Coming from Jersey did not stop him from hoping for better days, and therefore he grabbed any opportunity that came his way with open arms. He wanted to create a new world for himself and his community.

One of his noted hits is a piece called ‘Like Master P’ , which has solidified him in the clubs, the streets & the industry.

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