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Chicago Rapper’s Southside Rico Nocap x Kilo The Dreamer New Project

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Chicago Rapper’s Derrick Chapman known as Southside Rico Nocap and Malique Keene known as Kilo The Dreamer introduces the world into what it’s like growing up in the inner city of Chicago. Together releasing their official Ep as a collaboration project. Kilo being from the Eastside & Rico being from the south-side , Two of the Hottest MCs link up to produce a new Sound from the Gritty Streets of Chicago. The Ep feature a host of different Chicago Artists from the East and South Sides of Chicago. Hence the name O.E. x O.S. -Ep. We wanted to keep the project exclusive to our sides of the city to bridge the gap between our communities. Eventually, we hope to work with other artists from the North & Westside of Chicago too don’t take it personally . It only felt right that our 1st collaboration project represented us. Kilo released his 1st mixtape titled “The Arrival” in January of 2021. From that point on he has released another titled “Kilo Love” and Singles such as “1st Time”, “Ready”, “Pray”, and more. Allowing the Artist to gain a true following and popularity not only amongst fans but also peer Artist. Now Mr.Dreamer has his sights set on his anticipated double Ep releases titled, “Kilo Dreams” and “Kindled Eyes” with features from other Chicago Artists. Meanwhile, Rico put out 5 singles, one of them featured on a Stack or Starve Approved mixtape during the pandemic. The Artist made a number of appearances throughout Chicago and planned on dropping a solo Ep but pushed the project to make sure his fans received this new body of work exactly how he intended for them to. After the Ep drops he plans to work on his solo Ep again . Beside music both of us are very involved with the youth. Ms. Shena Jones, the dean at the local grammar school Drake Elementary invited us to spend time mentoring and coaching her students . We plan to continue this throughout the Chicago land area. Follow us on Instagram @BIGCHOPPA_223 @KILOTHEDREAMER

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