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Rheez. exposes it all in ‘True Wounds’

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Here to make the Maltese rap scene even hotter with his grime-y UK hip hop roots is one of the most candid trailblazers to have recently joined the airwaves in recent years, Rheez. His latest single, True Wounds, is an ethereally trippy production with shimmering instrumentals, reflecting the salvation that music delivers, especially when it comes from a visceral need to tell a story that helps people understand their own narrative. 


Following the release of his sophomore single, PTSD, which saw fans across the globe connect with the effortlessly natural talent and bold expression, Rheez. found the motivation to deliver even more introspective gold that could be banked by listeners struggling to make sense of their own emotions and circumstance, let alone find a voice that proves that scars from tough times make you stronger, if you let them. 


Rheez. left no stone unturned. From violence to insomnia, from the insanity that stems from life-threatening conditions to witnessing the abuse of his mother, he laid it all bare with ingenious lines, “pills for sleep, but I’m still awake at night”, and “mind stronger than a cat’s life”. 


Do we even need to tell you to get him in your ears and on your radars at this point? 

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