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Lil Motor is cranking up with his new KrispyKam directed visual for “Full Contact”

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Lil Motor is certainly one of those artists you need to catch up on if you aren’t hip. Hailing from Winston Salem, North Carolina, he made something out of nothing in a place where everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities as in other states. The North Carolina music scene usually has artists that come and go, because their hometown doesn’t support them. With undeniable charisma, Lil Motor has put in overtime to earn his staying power. His discography is arguably better if not on the same level as his peers because his sound isn’t based on where he is from but more so on how he got it out of the mud. In his new video “Full Contact”, he takes you where it all begins and lets you know he got his stripes. Directed by the up-and-coming director from Alabama, Krispy Kam, Motor for sure trusted the right person with his creative vision. Bursting with energy and hype as ever, I couldn’t tell you who was more lit Lil Motor or this fast-paced well-edited video. Everything about Motor’s flow screams “star”, he does it so effortlessly like he’s freestyling off the dome. This is the type of song I needed in my rotation as we get closer and closer to the summer months I would want to listen to something fun that will have my speakers banging outside. If anyone is built for the big stage, it’s Lil Motor.

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