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Who Is Findlay, Ohio’s TyRaNt?

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TyRaNt is an independent, inspirational artist from Findlay, Ohio. He was 17 when he first picked up the mic and was 18 when he recorded his first song. TyRaNt is an upcoming artist from Ohio because he is working hard and putting in the time for his city. He started off as a nobody and didn’t have a lot of support. Now he has done features with TJ hickey, Chas Huff, Tyler Gifted and now has his city believing in him . He plans on doing a small tour in 2023 in some outer cities and will continue to work with more and newer artists. He is putting out a HUGE album . Somewhere In The Dark 2 has high expectations as he worked with a lot of newer artists, who have bigger supporters. He plans on releasing it this summer and will continue to put out projects throughout the years .

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