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Marty Mula yet again garners headlines for crossing 4 million streams for his song “She Make It Clap (Freestyle)” in just six months on Spotify.

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The UK musical artist and rapper is all about his consistency in improving his musical craft and touching more hearts with music.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have constantly been changing across the world, mostly for the positive. These changes have been brought by the relentless drive and passion of a few youngsters coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, who ensure to bring more growth for their chosen sectors across the world. Marty Mula is definitely one of those rare talents who in the music world as a British rapper and musical artist has been winning hearts and how thanks to his smooth flows in music and his signature sound that has attracted maximum attention in the UK.

He has always remained in the news for all the right reasons, with his songs hitting the top of the charts. This time as well, he is gaining massive headlines for his song “She Make It Clap (Freestyle),” for crossing 4 million streams on Spotify in just six months, which is beyond incredible for a young artist who is only 24 years of age. We asked him what made him choose music for making his career, to which he replied, saying that he believes that the industry chose him. He felt he was made for music and never considered it as an option but a choice since he was a young kid. He felt passionate about the art, and hence it was only obvious for him to be a part of the industry.

Marty Mula mentions how with music, he has created a flourishing career for himself, which has given him financial stability. In the future, he would like to start with real estate along with a business that can help him attain his financial freedom.

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