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Celebrity Boxing launches the Underdog Platform:

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Celebrity Boxing is a  sports entertainment niche, that focuses on giving the underdog and people in redemption their chance to achieve goals and get their 15 minutes of Fame. The Celebrities get their 16th Minute in this unique platform that opens doors up , for people and celebs that have always wanted to step into the Ring with out getting hurt. Damon Feldman an undefeated professional boxer 9-0, who created Celebrity Boxing when he was in a bad place after his boxing career ended due to out of ring accident, says I’ve been through it all and Celebrity Boxing gives the underdog and people looking for a chance to do so. Feldman and partner “Bit Coin” Rodney Burton are showing that if you never quit , you can get to where you want to be even if you made bad choices in life and if you write your goals and stay focused you can redeem yourself and have a goal to shoot for on the Celebrity Boxing platform. Celebrity Boxings next event is in South Florida featuring Reality Star Blac Chyna taking on Model Alysia Magen.
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