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Frank Vibes An Artist In Every Way

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Surrounded by supportive friends, the 26 year old rapper hailing from Richton Park, IL established his first rap
group “365” in college at The University of Wisconsin back in 2014. Frank Vibes joined
the fraternity Omega Psi Phi in which his frat brothers helped promote his music all over campus which
resulted in his first live performance being sold out. Imagine performing for the first
time to a sold out venue? Frank Vibes stated that the first performance was intense.
Mr. Vibes quickly learned that day that he performs best under pressure.

In 2022 Frank Vibes is all in, fully dedicated and fully committed to this life of making
music. He already was his own label, A&R manager, video editor, engineer, and producer. But now he has aligned himself with a team more then capable individuals including Chris (MISFITChris) Wilson his creative director, Rashod (BroGod) Whitaker his photographer/personal assistant and Jaleel Ownens his manager. 
“Everything I’ve learned was self-taught, but now I want to focus more on my artistry and leave other task to people I can trust.” says Vibes.

His biggest rap inspiration is “Big L” and Vibes likes and simulates how Big L structured his
rap verses and album stories. “Lifestyles of da poor and dangerous,” is one of the best rap
albums of all time. “In addition to Big L, my family inspires me the most, my parents, and
my two eldest brothers, “Phillip” and “Phelan,” says Vibes. His eldest brother taught him
about rap and introduced him to rap music and showed him how to put on paper what was in
his head. Primarily Mr. Vibes just wants to entertain. His favorite producers are,
“Wilderness,” SHURIK 808, Phyzical and the best rapper/producer out right now Astro 52. When asked who his dream feature would
be with Vibes responded “J.Cole, of course, although I would love to do collaborative projects with either him or Kendrick.” He’d love to be an opener
for “Kendrick,” “Denzel Curry,” “Rico Nasty,” “Mick Jenkins” and “Noname” just to name a few.

Listen to “The Black Urameshi” on Soundcloud at
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