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How music helps bring people together as per SZASHA

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A sense of connection is vital in today’s hyper-fast world, where we are constantly plugged in but still kept distant from each other. One of the greatest unifiers that our society has ever given us is music, it has the power to cross language barriers and transcend any cultural difference by creating a shared joy within diverse groups of people. According to musician SZASHA, it is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to bring people together.

As the creator of music that has built a large following worldwide, SZASHA can be considered an authority in the ability that music has to connect people. She shares that she has long been in awe of the transcendent power of song, having been inspired to start making music because of it. Explaining how this became such a strong motivation for her, SZASHA says, “I have always been fascinated by how music can connect people and bring them together, whether it be to create music collectively or simply enjoy it. Witnessing the capacity that music has to stretch beyond boundaries inspired me to start writing and become a part of its magnetic force.” SZASHA believes that melodies are often better able to bring people together no matter their background or language because the written word isn’t always needed for music to convey its true feeling.

SZASHA’s passion for music is reflected in the songs that she creates, as each one is imbued with her love for the power of sound and how it can move and inspire us. A life-long devotee of music, with an inherent desire to create impactful songs, SZASHA shares that with every song that she writes she hopes to bring people together and give them a moving musical experience. Given the current size of her following and her growing popularity, it appears that SZASHA has met this goal and will continue to bring people together through her music.

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