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Why Music is the Perfect Medium of Expression: King Gian Nezi

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Conversations are hard – music flows. To the ‘The King’s Life’ hitmaker, King Gian Nezi, music comes like a breeze. He says that it is so much more than just something that you can dance to. Music holds the power of expression, of saying things that are impossible to put into words.

King Gian Nezi says that ever since childhood, it was difficult to put feelings into words, music felt like a crutch. To little King Gian Nezi, when the world seemed too big and confusing, music was solace, like a best friend. Through music, King Gian Nezi found both peace and control. King Gian Nezi would visit familiar tunes for solace whenever the world got too loud. That never changed even as King Gian Nezi got older. The only difference is – King Gian Nezi is now at the other end, helping people understand their emotions and get a handle on them.

His childhood’s formative experiences can be seen through the reflections on his life as well as his career. King Gian Nezi’s art saw projections of mature articulation. The ‘The King’s Life’ hitmaker feels strongly about making heartfelt music, possibly even more than his contemporaries. This can be attributed to his wish to create songs that would not only have the listeners grooving but also ponder over what the lyrics mean. It is greatly fulfilling to King Gian Nezi to have his fans appreciate how sincere his lyrics sound, and not just that his tunes are catchy.

A deep-rooted style of storytelling lies at the heart of King Gian Nezi’s music. Fans of the critically acclaimed hit ‘The King’s Life’, seem to have picked up on hints of this through a pattern of lyrics that allude to realism. From conveying a plethora of complex emotions to simply talking about the things listeners go through every day, King Gian Nezi’s music has proven there is always a better way to say it all.

King Gian Nezi’s imprint on the industry can be seen through the hugely positive response ‘The King’s Life’ has enjoyed ever since the soundtrack was released. Whatever it is that King Gian Nezi is doing, it has been creating waves in the music industry – and it is the better for it.

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