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Lakeyah Unveils New Single & Music Video“I Look Good”

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Milwaukee-born rapper, singer and rising Quality Control Music force of nature Lakeyah returns with a new single and music video entitled “I Look Good.” A thumping bass line pulsates through heavy 808s as she emanates spirit and style. Serving up an unshakable and undeniable hook, she declares, “Bitch, I’m bangin’. I look good, a little bougie, a little hood.

In the accompanying visual, she leads a workout decked out in all bright pink. She raps to the camera from a fitness lab behind slick shades with no shortage of charisma. Of course my favorite part of this scene is the nod to 50’s infamous in the club video, when a man does push-ups upside down as Lakeyah analyzes him.

Check out “I Look Good” Below:

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