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Lil Wayne Lists Missy Elliott First When Asked His Top 5

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The Legendary Lil Wayne recently appeared on “What’s Right with Nick Wright” where the host asks him his top 5 rappers. Without hesitation he quickly said Missy Elliott, then shortly after Jay-Z. He also spoke about his favorite NFL team and fans were equally shocked that it wasn’t the New Orleans Saints given it’s his hometown team.


Twiiter erupted reposting his kind words but no response was better than from the dopest female MC Missy Elliott expressed her gratitude for Weezy always mentioning her.

Along with Missy and Jay, Weezy mentions Biggie, UGK and Goodie Mobb. While Nick lists both Weezy and Jay as his first two picks. As a man that tops a lot of list, it’s always great to see someone that legendary tip his hat to another legend who happens to be a woman. Good job Weezy F Baby!

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