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Music Entertainment Executive Calls to End Gun Violence Through Purpose-Driven Show “Stomp the City”

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An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the impetus behind a go-getter’s drive to carve a path toward the forefront of their target industry and make a name for themselves. Some are motivated by the vision of a financially stable future, while others go all-out to pursue their passion in the hopes of creating a legacy for generations to remember. In the case of Michael Dockery, a well-respected promotions executive, the desire to inspire much-needed change has always stood at the core of his initiatives. Today, he is capitalizing on his reach to raise awareness about gun violence and call for its end.

A prominent figure in the entertainment scene, Michael Dockery boasts over three decades of extensive experience. Over the years, he’s risen through the ranks, snagging numerous accomplishments under his belt, and not only emerging as the Senior Southeast Director of Bungalo/Universal Records South Division, but he was also appointed as the President of New Wine Music/Bungalo Records, President of Telecast Media but also serving as the strategic mind at the helm of President of Tenn TV and Senior VP of Marketing of XOD On Demand.

While his impressive portfolio has much to do with his achievements in the entertainment industry, Michael Dockery managed to reach great heights and solidify his standing because of his purpose-driven efforts and timely advocacies. As a Memphis native, he is intimately privy to the pressing concerns that affect his community, one of which is the global human rights issue of gun violence. A threat to the fundamental human right to life, gun violence has affected and continues to impact countless individuals and families, causing fatalities and major injuries.

Highly cognizant of the importance of pushing for safer neighborhoods, Michael Dockery is currently banking on his influence to translate into reality the overarching vision of ending gun violence. Through Stomp the City Iconic Award Show, an award show he established in 2021, he aims to bring together some of the music industry’s biggest names and, together, shed light on the life-ending and life-changing effect of these issue.

This year, the Annual Stomp the City Iconic Award Show event will be held at the Renasant Convention Center in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. It seeks to follow the success of the 2021 show, where A-list celebrities from around the country graced the stage and personalities instrumental in helping the community become a better place were recognized.

Although advocacy alone will not suffice in completely eradicating gun violence in Memphis, Michael Dockery believes that raising awareness about this mission is critical in the movement to ensure a more secure environment for today’s individuals and families. Given this deep-seated belief, he is expected to remain a strong voice against gun violence in the years to come, spearheading events and promoting shows that operate with the goal of reducing and eliminating firearms-related deaths and injuries.

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