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DJ Dennis Jenkins Releases “Can’t Slow Down”, A New Album Showcasing His Talents

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To some, DJ Dennis Jenkins may be somewhat of an unknown in the industry. But there has been a growing community of enthusiasts who have pinpointed DJ Dennis Jenkins as the next big thing. His success seems to be on the verge of going mainstream with his newest release, “Can’t Slow Down.” This album has confirmed many of his fan’s belief that DJ Dennis Jenkins is someone who is here to stay.

With his smaller releases over the years, DJ Dennis Jenkins has shown to experiment in a variety of genres and industries. Many, however, have stood by the belief that his talents are the real deal. With his newest album “Can’t Slow Down” this belief is set in stone. Can’t Slow Down is an enjoyable experience that also rewards long time fans and critics.

You can stream DJ Dennis Jenkins’s latest album on Spotify or follow him on Instagram @DennisJenkinsJr

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