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Artist Hampton Premieres His New Album Hustle Sold Separately

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After long anticipation, artist Hampton has released his newest album “Hustle Sold Separately” on all streaming platforms. Even the most optimistic fans did not expect the wide scale traction the project has begun to gather. Indeed, both critics and fans alike have responded overwhelmingly positive to Hampton’s latest project. “Hustle Sold Separately” may just be the jump start many had been anticipating for Hampton.

Many great minds of the industry have had their eye on Hampton over the years. But with his talents in a variety of spheres, many were curious to how exactly his career in music would evolve. Well, with the release of “Hustle Sold Separately” those questions have been answered in a major way. The possible impact of the album seems immense for the artist. Hampton is most definitely an artist on the rise that will continue to turn heads across a variety of spaces.

You can stream Hampton’s latest album on Spotify or follow him on Instagram @ac_hampton

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