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Lil Homie Witda Sauce Drops Jaw Dropping Album ‘IDK.’

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Lil Homie Witda Sauce released his second album, “Idk,” on April 15/22 and has proven his versatility and creativity with songs that have the potential to make it big.

The 24-year-old artist is well known for meshing together different genres of music to create unique lyrics and sounds. This is fully displayed on the album as the track jumps from upbeat, pop songs such as “Cold december” and “Mood” to rap songs such as “Oh Not.” Other styles of music influencing Lil homie’s work on the album include rock and punk. By taking this approach Lil homie not only showcases his talent and authenticity but offers listeners a diverse range of music and keeps them on their toes.

The first three songs on the album incite a whirlwind of emotions. “Cold December ” talks about love, “Who need friends ” highlights the luxuries of being rich, and “Oh Not” reminds us of those friends who turned out to be haters. There’s definitely complexity in the album’s theme as many songs explore different feelings but what’s great about this is that listeners experience all the feels.

After this, the album delves into songs that are very raw and relatable. “Demons,” “Cold december” and “Mood” speak about love, relationships, and their many difficulties. In “Demons,” Lil homie witda sauce  sings, “Nobody can love me, and I think is lovely because am the only one who can leave with my demons ” Lil homie witda sauce’s vulnerability and heartache is upfront, real, and may even have listeners looking back on past relationships or questioning their current ones.

The album features Both big and emerging artists around the world including Famous Dex,Chris King-(Artist of TrippieRed), Lil kiddo, Scarecrow , Alison G, and Fvck totvm. All of these artists add to the versatility of the album and accentuate Lil homie witda sauce’s ability to mesh well with different artists. What struck fans the most was Chris king’s appearance on the album. As a major artist Chris King reached his prime in the Melodic Rap scene.

Overall “Idk” is a fantastic project and really exemplifies Lil homie witda sauce’s desire to try new things and experiment with music. It’s almost as if he had a ton of ideas and threw them all into this album, and there’s nothing more genuine, honest, and understandable than that. This album is different and original, and it’s refreshing to hear music that isn’t the same old conventional thing.

To listen to the album you can hop to Spotify and connect with him on Instagram

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