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Fourfive follows his debut mixtape “MACK” with new visual for “Booted Up.”

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Fourfive is an NYC underground phenomena making serious waves both in music and fashion at the exact same time which very few people can truly say they’re doing. His latest visual for “Booted Up” was directed by Will Bloom and edited by Antemortem. Booted up produced by Sham is the opening visual from his first mixtape “Mack.” The video takes place in a “breaking bad” styled lab covered in money and science equipment which leads to Fourfive mixing unlabeled test tubes back and forth, the liquids changing colors until he’s created the perfect concoction and ends up drinking it straight out of the test tube. The video edit coated in the perfect amount of over the top effects to make the visual not only fun to watch but interactive with the storyline.

This video was a great introduction visually to “Mack” and with such a strong track list of 8 hype songs to choose from that would all be great visually and an extremely creative artist such as Fourfive I’m curious to see which song gets the next visual.


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