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YNG Travs Releases Visuals for “Rockstar”

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Montreal-born YNG Travs has just released an official music video for “Rockstar”, the lead single off of his debut album, Young n Gifted”. The video & song features confident, braggadocious YNG Travs giving an infectious vocal performance. Backed by the label Dance Planet Records, YNG Travs is one of the most interesting songwriters coming out of Montreal.

Songs from “Young n Gifted” such as “Confessions” and “Eastside” demonstrate YNG Travs impressive writing skills. From infectious choruses sounding like radio hits to songs with deeper meanings such as “Confessions” and “Stayed In”, Travs certainly proved how diverse he is with this debut album.

Born Jesse Travaglione, YNG Travs had a great Jazz, Blues, & Rock influence thanks to his professional musician father. Other influences for the young artist include Drake, The Weeknd, and Mac Miller. After falling in love with hip-hop at a Mac Miller concert, YNG Travs has been focused on making his own lane in the music industry.

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