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WorldisGualaa Releases New Music “5 AM in Miami”

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Star on the rise, WorldisGualaa from New Jersey is bringing a versatile sound with hip hop, rap, and trap soul finishes. His new Single “5 AM in Miami” showcases his versatility well in contrast to his last single “EYE 4 EYE”. WorldisGualaa’s new single and visual, tell the story about being caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to women. The new single is a vibe, light and easy to bob your head to.

The New Jersey artist is making space for himself and he is hungry. Him and his team have been working like crazy to put out project after projects. In April of 2020, he became serious about his music career and put his all into an 8 album EP. Since then his music capabilities have expanded and he is trying new avenues to find where he fits in.

Using his music as a form of expression and a way for him to escape, he hand picks his beats, writes his own lyrics, and even co-produces from time to time. All of this makes him feel sure that he is connected with the music and gets the exact feeling and point across that he is trying to make. In his words, he writes music based on how he’s feeling at the moment, knowing that at least one person can relate.

“I’m just proud that I could do something that I love doing and bringing joy to others lives and when you are doing something you love, life could be a little bit more easier because you love what you are doing. The things that keep my music going is my supporters, without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at now.”

Having gone through some hardships, he uses music as an escape and has decided that this will be his legacy. If he keeps working as hard, he will be unstoppable!

Give his new single a listen and the visual too!

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