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Whoseray Once Fleed The Hospital After Being Pronounced Dead

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Whoseray, 23 year old hip hop phenomenon from Cleveland, has gone viral with his latest single “What You Think” that was released only a few weeks ago on New Years Day.

His viral videos on TikTok, along with his success as a recording artist, have been trending online and making headlines around the globe.

ERay credits God and his infant daughter as the motivation behind his recent success. Aside from having his own label and new hits, the 23 year old creative also has his own clothing line “Fuck Eray” inspired by an ongoing series of memes comprised of videos gesturing unhinged criticism sent to him by strangers from the internet.

“I turn negative energy into positive. I want my fans and audience to recognize that so we collectively rise above any hate and negativity, and convert that shit into kinetic energy and fuel for our own campaigns”.

“Basically, if they say fuck you behind your back, by saying it to yourself and your audience, you’ll never let their negative energy get to you. By embracing it we are taking away their power”.

While ERay’s music videos have been trending virally this year and catching the attention of This Is 50; the rapper still reminds us that it wasn’t always so easy for him. Aside from being pronounced dead and miraculously springing back to life (only to flee the hospital); the young rapper and entrepreneur has faced many other trials and tribulations. He still insists that maintains a highly positive outlook despite all of life’s hurdles.

ERay explained that aside from having run ins with the law growing up, he had to quickly learn how to take self responsibility for his actions. He grew up with a single mother and even became a teenage father himself, which forced him to man up early on as an adolescent boy. ERay also openly tells his fans about dealing with rejection and other adversity throughout that time, while remaining optimistic and relentless.

“It was only a few days after the birth of my daughter that I was actually standing in line to get rejected by America’s Got Talent. I was 17 and just trying to make ends meet… chasing my dreams while hustling to feed my family and baby daughter at the same time. Look, I’m still here, just imagined if I let one individual stop me. We can’t be ruled by dogma”.

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