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Lattz is making a name for himself in the industry

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We are on our way to keep you all updated about the new artists, new producers, and new songs that are emerging in the musical industry giving us the hope that Originality and creativity are still alive in the musical world.


To be well-known, one must realize that his success depends upon the way how he executes a project that is not repetitive to our ears and it should be a complete package of uniqueness and originality.


There is an artist on our list of emphasis today and his name is Lattz. His journey of getting into music is an interesting one and disclosing it will be a fun one. He was never into music and did not even imagine it shortly. Until 2017, he found a beat out of Youtube, made a song on it randomly, and guess what? The people started listening to the songs he dropped and loved them which made him realize that he is made for this.


He is grateful that people give him such a positive response regarding his creation. His love for music increased daily and now a person who dreamt of becoming a professional boxer is the CEO of his own company with a record label called “YoungDiamondBroskis”. He has established his professional studio that has welcomed many artists like JJ Esko, Rafa G & More.


Lattz also handles the promotion, advertisement, and creation of songs along with the marketing which makes him a person who knows the right thing on how to make a name and fame for himself.


His favorite project to date has been “I feel a way”. The song was engineered by Lattz and produced by his primary producer “Ocean,” who is well-known for generating beats all over the internet, with millions of views, streams, and almost half a million youtube followers. This was the finest one so far for Lattz since they were in the middle of the Covid problem at the time, and it must have just hit because they broadcast it all over the internet through video calls. It was good because it demonstrated that no matter what happens, no one can stop them from reaching their goals, and it is still his favorite song he has ever written.


He has around 100 unpublished projects, so he still has a lot to show the public.


When questioned about his creative process, he said that he always starts by listening to a few instrumentals/beats that were all created by him or his company’s producers, then he takes it in and it’s quite simple for him.


Lattz is an exceptional artist who creates quality songs and his creativity is worth staying on our playlists forever.


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