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The Next Steps with Phillionaire of Komanda

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Every journey starts somewhere, and for Phillionaire, his musical success so far only marks the beginning of a long career filled with timeless tracks and an exploration of music in all its glory. Phillionaire is excited to travel the globe, perform in various parts of the world and share his raw, unfiltered feelings through music.


If Phillionaire had pinned his year’s resolutions on the success of his latest single, then he has already succeeded. Not only is the song setting charts ablaze, but it has also received much adulation from listeners across the globe. The song has constantly grown since its release. In a recent podcast, Phillionaire talks about the song’s success and what went into creating this masterpiece.


A musician’s most stressful time is right after a song is released. The waiting can be nail-bitingly brutal. Phillionaire explains that releasing his latest single was an emotional affair and challenging for him because the song is very personal and close to his heart. Phillionaire elucidates that from the moment it was officially released to when it took over charts, he was continuously on edge due to the anticipation for the audience reception.


Phillionaire also shares the sentiments he felt after the peak of the success of this single. Soon after the release, the song became an instant hit, getting shared across platforms and audiences praising it. While he was nervous about the reception, Phillionaire didn’t prepare for the amount of success the song has gained in such a short time. He says he is in awe of the success and incredibly humbled that fans enjoy the song. Most of Phillionaire’s music is based on his personal experiences, and this single has been incredibly unique to his thoughts and feelings. The outpour of positive messages from fans worldwide has reassured Phillionaire of his artistry and why he should keep creating music for audiences to consume.


The creation process for the song was quite raw and straightforward. Phillionaire details how he put all his thoughts, feelings, and struggles on paper and began strumming his guitar to a random tune. Within no time, he had put together the song. However, he kept it a secret, not sure whether he wanted to release his raw, unfiltered feelings to the world. The incredible reception has been a massive relief and source of inspiration.


The success of this single has given him the push he needed to let the world hear more of his music. Phillionaire has promised fans that this is just the beginning; he is working on bigger things.

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